Monuments to Nature, 2001, Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal New York, NY.

Monuments to Nature is a site-specific installation proposed for the Vanderbilt Hall, sponsored by the Metro-North Railroad and Arts for Transit, administered by The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. The 'growing' sculptures will transform Vanderbilt Hall, bringing elements of the outdoors indoors on a
truly grand scale. The installation will challenge perceptions, and create a unique experience for the 500,000 commuters who travel daily through Grand Central. "Ramps", a pair of sculptures covered with moss, turf and plantings, will occupy one side of the Hall; "Cant", a single sculpture of moss, turf and vines, will occupy the other. The artworks invite the public to pause, ponder and explore the contrast between the contemplative nature of the exhibition and the surrounding urban landscape. [Realization pending.]