Tinny Bank, 1994-95, upgrade of the A74 to M6, Scotland, UK.

Worked with the Scottish Office to produce concept designs for a 1 mile section of the M6 express highway linking England to Scotland. The site is situated on a hillside in a dramatic region of Northern England and the artwork's progressional design reflects the history and geology of the area. A retaining wall is given specialised treatment with bold textured panels and 'Leaning Forms' 28 ft high, in cast concrete. Entry markers are situated at both approaches to the one mile section - at the Southern end, an earthwork delineated with stone walling, 'The Seven Hillocks' and at the North, 'The Standing Forms'. The hillside has been restored to moorland, a sheepfold restored and accentuated with earthforming and scalloping on the hill to define bedrock and linear form. Leighton and Del Geist worked directly in the engineering offices of WA Fairhurst & Partners Inc, Glasgow on the design. Fully engineered plans were made for the specialized one mile section of road. The overall cost were comparable to a more standardized treatment. [The project was not realized due to EU funding being re-directed.]

Commissioned by the Scottish Office Roads Directorate, Dept. of Transportation, UK.